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Inspiring Istanbul

Inspiring Istanbul

Istanbul - the city of tastes, smells and colours
3-5 days - Walk & bus tours

Route: Istanbul

Stay in Istanbul longer and see something more than impressive monuments and the breathtaking history. Slow down, taste, enjoy the colors, listen to the city noise. Go to a real Turkish bath. Eat on the street, as Istanbuls do. Haggle in the bazaar and learn how to make and drink tea and coffee. Take your time... and after, definitely come back here again!

Enjoy our unique culinary tour of Istanbul, where you will: 

  • Visit the classic Istanbul and its greatest monuments
  • Get lost in the back streets or bazaars
  • Ride by a historic tram and public ferry from Asia to Europe
  • Learn how to brew Turkish tea and coffee
  • Shop like Turkish on real Turkish bazaar
  • Find out of that it is worth adding flavors to your kitchen
  • Taste some food specialties from the street as well as in the Istanbul's elegant lokanta
  • Learn how many types of kebab are
  • Drink raki ... and smoke nargile, the water pipe!

Contact us for more details and programs. If you are going to spend holiday on Turkish or Aegen Riviera, you can join our trips from there. One or two day trips to Istanbul available to book on this site: or